Car Manufacturers

Selecting a Car Manufacturer

The task of choosing a car manufacturer can be very daunting, considering the number of car manufacturers out there. Buying a car directly from a car manufacturer does have its advantages over buying from a used car dealer,  at an auction, or from an individual. One of the first steps to choosing a car manufacturer is to decide the type of vehicle that you are interested in buying. For instance, if you are in the market to buy a pickup truck, you would automatically discard Subaru as a manufacturer to consider as they don’t make pickup trucks.

Fortunately, when buying from a car manufacturer you can customize your vehicle to your particular needs by adding accessories and options. With most car manufacturers, you can go online and see what options are available for what price. Of course, dealerships can also give you this information in person as well. In addition to the options available, it is important to consider other incentives that the dealer offers, such as financing services, warranty available and the location of dealerships.

Interesting Facts about Cars

Did you know that…

there were about 806 million cars on the road worldwide in 2007?

the first auto with a gasoline engine was built in 1885?

in 2010, there were 77,857,705 vehicles produced globally?

the first auto patent in the US was granted in 1789?

How to choose a car manufacturer

Consider these resources when choosing a car manufacturer:

Online reviews: The internet is an excellent source for gathering information. Research different manufacturers so that you are well-informed about the company. Pay attention to rankings and comments about level of customer service, warranty options, location of dealerships, required maintenance commitments.

Manufacturer websites: Visit the manufacturers’ websites. Gather information about the models of cars that they offer, price ranges, what are considered standard features, and what other options are available.

Dealerships: Visit the dealership. Experience the customer service of the manufacturer and test drive models that you are interested in.

Friends & family: Talk to friends and family who own cars from the car manufacturer that you are interested in. Gather their opinions on the car manufacturer and listen to their feedback.


Select a Manufacturer