Audi is an automobile manufacturer based in Germany. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. In fact, Volkswagen AG has owned over 99% of Audi since 1966. Audi produces various body styles for compact, coupe, sedan, executive, crossover, and SUV vehicles in a wide range of prices.

The name “Audi” has been associated with advancement in automotive technology. Audi is noted for producing the first left-hand-drive car manufactured in Germany, called the Audi Type K in 1921.  In the US, the first car made by Audi was the Audi 100  for the 1970 model year. Shortly thereafter, Audi went on to develop a performance car as well as a rally racing car. This performance car, the Audi Quattro was first introduced in 1980. This model was a turbocharged coupe and was a great success in rally racing. The Audi 90 was known for its elegance and superior standard features. The release of the Audi V8 in 1990 was a shift in Audi’s focus to compete in the upscale market of other German manufacturers, namely BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Audi is also the first mass-market car manufacturer to produce cars that are 100% galvanized in order to prevent corrosion.

In the future, Audi is planning to collaborate with Sanyo to develop a pilot project in hybrid electric innovations. Some of the concept cars that are electric include: the Audi A1 Sportback Concept, the Audi A4 TDI Concept E, and the fully electric Audi e-tron Concept Supercar.  The e-tron is a demonstration of Audi’s advancements in technology as the  electric drive powertrain system has all four wheels of the car under power provided by electric motors. In 2010, Audi revealed concept cars with this technology. These concept cars ranged in different sizes and levels of performance.

Sales for Audi rose steadily in the 2000s, especially in the European, African and Middle Eastern markets. Currently, there are 7 production plants world-wide. Many of the sub-assembly of car components, ie engines and transmissions are produced in Volkswagen plants across the world.

Audi is also closely involved in the world of motorsports and has been since the 1930s when they were known as Auto Union. Audi has been successful in the Touring and Super Touring levels of racing. It’s introduction into circuit racing was in North America in 1988.

Flagship Vehicle

Audi  A7 – the A7 is considered to be Audi’s flagship vehicle.  It was first launched in 2010 as a in a five-door hatchback body style and is regarded as Audi’s return to the market for executive hatchbacks, after a sabbatical from this market since 1970. The only A7 that is available in North American is the 3.0 L supercharged TFSI V6 8-speed automatic transmission. The Audi A7 competes with the CLS class of Mercedes-Benz as well as the 5 Series Gran Turismo from BMW.

SUV’s and Crossovers


Audi, a German automobile manufacturer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. Audi is renowned for its innovations in technology, including manufacturing a left-handed drive, making their cars 100% galvanised, the pilot project with Sanyo for the hybrid electric components and the e-tro drivetrain system. Audi has been highly successful in different levels of car racing as well. Audi manufactures a broad range of vehicles in different classes and price ranges, increasing its popularity with the car industry.