BMW is a German manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles and engines. Its headquarters are in Munich, Germany, and the company was founded in 1917. BMW is the parent company of Rolls Royce Motor Cars and owns the Mini marque. It produces motorcycles under the brand BMW Motorrad.

In 2010, the BMW group produced 1,481,253 automobiles and 112,271 motorcycles across all its brands.The Dixi was BMW’s first successfully launched car. This model was based on the Austin 7.  BMW has different series according to class and size of the vehicle. The 1 Series is the smallest BMW they produce. This model was launched in 2004 and is currently available in the hatchback and coupe/convertible models. The next series is the 3 Series, which was first manufactured in 1975. This model is a compact executive-level car. Body styles include the sport sedan, the station wagon, convertible, and coupe. The 5 Series a mid-sized executive car which comes in sedan and station wagon body styles. BMW also manufactures the 5 Series Gran Turismo which is a model between a station wagon and SUV. In the 7 Series, body styles include a sport coupe/convertible, a roadster and coupe. This line of cars is considered their full-sized executive sedan and has introduced some of BMW’s innovations including the iDrive system and the hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines. BMW has also manufactured sports activity vehicles like the X3. The X3 is a crossover vehicle and is sold in Europe as an off road vehicle and sports an all-wheel drive system. The next model up from the X3 is the X5, which is considered to be a mid-size luxury SUV. BMW also produces the X6 and X1 in their SUV lineup.

BMW has also successfully branched out into different markets aside from car manufacturing, for example the aerospace industry. Their first noteworthy aircraft engine was the BMW IIIa. They produced many successful engines during World War II including the BMW 132BMW 801 and the BMW 003. BMW also manufactures high-end bicycles. Only a few models are sold in the US (Cruise Bike and Kid’s Bike models) and can be found online and in dealers. Following World War I BMW began to build motorcycle engines and then motorcycles. Since they launched their first motorcycle, BMW has been involved in motorsport. They are heavily involved in all areas of motorsports including sports racing, touring car racing, and rally car racing. BMW has a significant successful history Formula One.

BMW has a flourishing reputation in the car manufacturing industry. listed it as the most reputable company in the world based on rankings like the willingness of consumers to buy and recommend their products, and to work for, and invest in the company.

Flagship Vehicle

BMW X3 – the X3 has been manufactured since 2003. It is considered to be a compact crossover SUV. The model is in its second generation and is currently produced in South Carolina. The model was not widely received at first. Complaints included a harsh ride, unappealing interior, did not have off road capabilities and was priced too high. In 2007, BMW made significant changes which changed the success of the vehicle.

SUV’s and Crossovers


BMW is a highly successful car manufacturer, headquartered in Germany.  Since it was founded in 1917, BMW has been producing a variety of different vehicles as well as engines. It manufactures car, motorcycles and bicycles as well as engines for aircraft. Its vehicle lineup is divided into series, categorized by class and size.  Its flagship vehicle is the X3, which is a popular model for BMW. BMW is also heavily involved in motorsports, especially in rally, sport, and touring racing.