Honda is a Japanese company that manufactures both automobiles and motorcycles.  Honda is the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and is one of the largest car manufacturers. In fact, in 2010, Honda was the seventh largest car manufacturer in the world. Honda also produces the brand Acura, a luxury auto brand. It was the first Japanese manufacturer to have a dedicated luxury brand of cars. Honda has assembly facilities all over the world. The American Honda Motor Corporation is headquartered in California, and over 80% of Honda cars sold in the US are produced in the US.

The first vehicle Honda ever produced was the T360 mini pick-up truck in 1963. Following the release of that truck, the first car produced was the S500 sports car. In 1986, the brand Acura was first introduced into the car industry. Honda’s model the Civic is the second-longest-running Japanese model that has run continuously. The Civic, Accord and Prelude were the only models sold in the US until the 1990s when Honda expanded their line-up of cars.

In recent years, Honda has also ventured into the aerospace industry, artificial intelligence/robotics, and motorsports. Honda also produces a large variety of power equipment which can be found in households across the country. It also manufactures  garden equipment, marine engines, personal watercraft, and power generators.

Flagship Vehicle

 Honda Accord – the Accord was first produced by Honda in 1976 and is still a very popular model today. Over the years it has gone through numerous changes and is sold in numerous markets around the world. The model has undergone significant body style changes, beginning as a compact hatchback and developing into the mid-sized/full-sized car it is today. Consumers have the choice of the Accord as a coupe or sedan – the coupe being a mid-sized car while the sedan entering the full-sized category. The new 2013 model being launched in the fall of 2012 has improvements made to the transmission and extra safety features.  The Accord is widely known for its safety and reliability, increasing its popularity in the car industry.

Pickup Trucks
Sub Compacts
Full Size
Mid Size


While Honda primarily manufactures cars and motorcycles, it is also very well known in other industries such as aerospace, motorsports, and power equipment.  It has a good selection of consumer vehicles and is known for its safe and reliable vehicles. Honda’s flagship vehicle is the Accord, which is still a very popular model in car markets across the world.  It is this reputation that makes it a brand name known in many households across the world.