Midas Overview

Midas Inc. is a chain of automotive service centers throughout North America. Midas stands for: The Muffler Installation Dealers’ Associated Service. Their headquarters are in Illinois and the company was founded in 1956 by Nate H. Sherman. The first Midas Muffler was opened in Macon, Georgia. Over the years, they have expanded their business since 1956 – what started as one shop with two bays has increased to well over 2100 shops. The American and Canadian stores are either franchised or corporate-owned. They also operate in 17 countries across the world and have both licensed and franchised locations.

The name “Midas” does come from the king Midas. Therefore Midas capitalized on that for marketing their brand. Their slogan is very well known among consumers – Trust the Midas Touch. Other slogans have included: “Did you think about you should trust a Midas touch? “, “You should trust a Midas touch”, “Trust Midas” and “The Midas Touch”.

Midas’ original service they offered was replacement of mufflers and therefore was known as Midas Muffler. They now however, have expanded their services to include most regular maintenance services, significantly increasing their business in the automotive service industry. Most locations are now franchised and Midas corporate notes that they serve those who serve the customers.  Midas has also introduced a customer loyalty program as well as a Midas credit card to keep with the changing times.

Midas has built a reputation for service, quality, and reliability over the last 50 years.  Midas claims that customers can rely on them for expert brake, maintenance and exhaust services, tires, and more. But they still claim to the the leader for servicing both brakes and exhaust.

Best Service
Midas was originally known for their mufflers – in fact, the company was actually called “Midas Mufflers” before changing the name to “Midas”. Midas considers themselves to be the leader in mufflers and exhaust systems. Their exhaust service options range from high performance exhaust systems to value-oriented replacement mufflers.

Oil, Lube & Filter Services


Overall Midas now offers many of the preventative maintenance services that a vehicle requires, instead of just mufflers and exhaust systems.  It still claims to be the leader in brakes and exhaust repairs in addition to the many other services it provides. Midas can also perform repairs in some things that might go wrong with your vehicle (ie broken air conditioning, failing climate control, worn suspension).  Midas has been serving the US for over 50 years and has built a good reputation in the automotive service industry.