Walmart Overview

Walmart was established in the early 1960s in the US and now has over 8500 stores. These stores are located all over the world in 15 different countries. According to the Fortune 500 list from 2012, Walmart is the third largest public corporation. Walmart offers a wide variety of items and services, both online and in-store. Their automotive centers are one service they offer their customers. One of the reasons their auto centers are so popular is that customers can shop in-store while the work is being performed on their vehicles.

Walmart auto centers offers a variety of preventative maintenance services, including: oil changes, batteries, fluid replacement, light bulb replacement as well as tire replacement. Most of their services are common basic maintenance and they do not perform any repairs (apart from tire repair of course).

Their auto centers also operate on-line. For instance, customers can order tires online and have them shipped directly to a store of their choice. They offer a simple 3 step on-line process for tire purchasing: select the desired tires from their selection, place the order on-line and then pick up the tires. Tires can be installed at the location they arrive to or they can be simply picked up to be installed somewhere else. This is a very convenient process for many customers.

Walmart’s on-line service is also very convenient for those who prefer to handle their own automotive repairs. There are many manuals and “how to” guides posted on their automotive section of their website, ie battery buying guide, oil filter finding guide, tire buying guide etc. There are also many automotive articles that may interest some customers as well as plenty of automotive tips.

Best Service
Walmart auto centers are best known for their express oil, lube and filter change. They use Pennzoil products for the oil changes and the service also includes: vacuuming the interior,  checking tire pressure, topping up fluids, washing windshield.

Tire Services
  • Tire installation
  • Tire Balancing
  • Tire Repair
  • Tire Rotation
Oils, Lube & Filter Services
  • Oil, lube and filter change
Battery Services
  • Battery Installation
  • Battery Check


Walmart automotive centers do provide some basic maintenance services however, they do not offer repair services. Most of their services encompass tire services and oil, lube and filter changes. The other service that they do offer is battery replacement. Their oil change service is their signature service which can be done express while customers shop in-store. Walmart’s website also offers a lot of information regarding buying tips, do-it-yourself guides as well as seasonal articles which may be of use to many customers.