BF Goodrich Tires Overview

BFGoodrich was the first American tire manufacturer, pioneered in 1896. BF Goodrich tires has many notable firsts including in 1903, the first car to cross into the US was outfitted with BF Goodrich tires; the first airplane to cross the Atlantic in 1927 wore BF Goodrich tires; and the 1977 Columbia space shuttle had BF Goodrich tires. BF Goodrich was sold from under the Goodrich Company to Michelin in 1988.

For more than 40 years, BF Goodrich has been prominently involved in motorsport competition. BF Goodrich tires have a very distinguished record in the tire manufacturing industry and supply tires to a broad range of vehicles for every road condition. In fact, some Michelin tires for auto sports are actually branded BF Goodrich in order to increase brand awareness.

  • All Seasons

Advantage T/A – is a grand toruing all-season tire that is somewhat sporty. They are noted for their long-wearing tread and do have good responsive handling reviews. Considering they are all-season tires, they handle well in light snow, rain and dry conditions.

Traction T/A – this all-season touring tire provides excellent traction in dry, wet and snowy conditions. It’s considered a BF Goodrich high-mileage tire with enhanced tread design for long, more even wear. BF Goodrich boasts that this tire can maintain maximum tread contact, even in high-speed conditions.

  • Performance

G-Force Super Sport A-S - this ultra high-performance tire was developed to be three tires in one for  all-season traction capability. It features sport handling control and a smooth quiet ride. It’s cutting edge tread design provides year-round traction, including in light snow.

G-Force T-A KDWSThis ultra high performance tire is noted for it’s remarkable wet/snow traction. It’s design allows for exceptional control even at high speeds as well as excellent cornering abilities.  This tire was developed to combine superior dry and wet road performance.

  • Winter

Winter Slalom KSI – this tire is designed to grip even the most extreme icy road conditions.  Optimal tread configuration provides enhanced cornering, braking and better stability on the road. BF Goodrich considers this tire the right tire for winter driving.

  • Off Road

All-Terrain T/A KOthis light truck tire was developed for drivers of pickup trucks and SUVs. The tread pattern provides the traction and handling that is needed in off-road conditions. This tire is noted for it’s quieter ride and excellent puncture resistance.

Baja T/A – this off-road racing tire is touted by Bridgestone to be built for the toughest conditions on earth. The tread allows for excellent soft surface traction in off-road conditions as well as durability. The design of the tire provides sidewall puncture resistance while maintaining structural integrity.


BF Goodrich strives to be an innovator  in the tire industry. With its long-standing history that dates well over 100 years, the company has certainly made its mark. BF Goodrich manufactures tires for everyday use for all sorts of vehicles as well as specialty tires such as for the off-road racing sport, making it a leading tire manufacturer.