Toyo Tires Overview

Toyo Tire has built a solid reputation around the world in the tire industry. At first they manufactured tires only in Japan, beginning in 1945. They first opened their doors in the United States in 1966 and currently has it’s state-of-the-art factory in Georgia. They also diversified their company and now make other items such as industrial rubber, waterproof sheets, polyurethane products, seat cushions and sporting goods.

In the 1980s Toyo Tires began it’s involvement in U.S. road racing. Toyo Tire has a complete selection of tires for nearly every make and model of vehicles including high performance cars, luxury vehicles, light trucks, and SUVs as well as commercial trucks.

  • All Seasons

Extensa A-S – this all-season tire provides good value for a wide range of passenger cars and minivans. The tread design improves all-season traction as well as tire life. The tire delivers versatility while maintaining a comfortable ride.

Proxes A05B – this tire is often used as original equipment on many coupes, sedans and minivans as well some light trucks and SUVs. The combination of a smooth ride, long wear and durability makes this a popular all-season tire.

  • Performance

Proxes 1 – is considered to be Toyo’s Max Performance Summer tire and their most technologically advanced tire. This tire was designed for high-speed performance, with exceptional cornering and braking in both dry and wet road conditions.

Proxes 4 – this ultra high performance all-season tire has a design that provides a good balance between wet traction and dry performance. The tread has a good performance appearance with a combination of responsive handling and durability.

  • Winter

Observe G2Sis a studdable winter tire designed for icy, wet and snowy road conditions. It provides superior traction and stability as well as quick stopping in extreme road conditions. It is designed with a layer to cut through the thin water layer that often lays on icy roads.

Open Country I/T – is a studdable winter tire designed for light trucks.  The tread is designed to provide improved traction in wet, snowy and icy conditions without compromising handling or stability.  

  • Off Road

Open Country A-T this off-road tire is designed for aggressive response in wet and dry conditions. This tire provides excellent traction for pickups, vans and SUVs, while delivering rugged good looks. The tire is noted to have stability off-road while maintaining a comfortable ride.


Toyo Tires has been manufacturing tires for all types of vehicles in the US for decades as well as has been successfully manufacturing products other than tires.  The company has been involved in competitive racing for many years and has a reputation in the motorsport industry.  Toyo Tires prides itself on their service and great tires.