Used Cars


There are some advantages of buying a used car rather than a new car. One main advantage for many people is that a customer can buy a used car and when they drive away, the used car doesn’t automatically depreciate like a brand new car does. Also, used cars tend to be cheaper, even if they are only a year old and many still come with factory warranties or are  certified by a dealership.

There are many venues to find a used car. Most dealerships carry used cars and many people feel more comfortable buying from a dealership. However, online venues have become quite popular for used car buyers.   It is recommended that online buyers review the used car provider before buying to ensure the company is reputable. Here are a few online venues that have been recommended:

Online Used Cars
  • CarMax

CarMax was first introduced in 1993 and has expanded to more than 100 stores across the country. At CarMax, customers can start the car-buying process online even though they cannot complete the transaction without going to a CarMax store. Internet sales consultants are available to provide any additional information customers may need. Buyers can also view online ratings and reviews on car models and manufacturers so that informed decisions can be made. Financing, trade-ins, online scheduling of test drives etc. are all services CarMax offers.


Launched in1998, is a top destination for online car buyers. The site provides detailed reviews and ratings on cars, information from experts on buying used cars, photos and videos, and a large selection of inventory. also allows customers to sell their cars online and claim that by selling cars on their site will get sellers thousands more than trade-ins. also has a “research” section of their website for buyers to perform comparisons of models, read car manufacturer and dealer reviews.

  • Autotrader

Autotrader is a well recognized online resource for buying and selling new, used and certified cars. It hosts a large selection of cars from dealers and private sellers. The site has a comprehensive section of tips on buying and selling cars, comparison tools, reviews, and photos. Another helpful tool the site offers vehicle history reports. Autotrader also has a useful financing service that allows customers to fill out a form, receive an instant financing decision and then the customer can print out the loan voucher and start shopping.